Network Sharing Portal

The Sharing Portal exists to strengthen the Voluntary Sector in the North West of Glasgow. It connects existing organisations together to share physical resources, ideas, people and space.

The Sharing Portal is a private forum for members of WCVSN and MKCVSN. The portal is ‘members only’ to make communications safe and build trust among members. All users use real names and are from real registered organisations operating in the North West of Glasgow.

Further information about sharing can be found on the sharing pages.


The Sharing Portal is the result of a two year programme funded by Glasgow City Council to strengthen the voluntary sector. In the consultation phase of the programme, members told us that it was important to develop peer-to-peer collaboration within the sector. Member organisations also stressed the limitations of their capacity. In the second phase we did some research and designed a simple online platform to connect people together.

We know that some organisations already cooperate well with trusted partners and hope that this portal will connect more and more organisations together.


Our mission is to strengthen our network of voluntary sector organisations by sharing resources.


Our vision is a strong and thriving third sector that is well connected, open to collaboration and responsive to the strengths and needs within the sector.


Membership is open to any voluntary sector organisation operating in the NW of Glasgow. To register with either network, contact the office and you will be invited to join the Sharing Portal.

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